DAYS: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

TIME: 9.15am – 10am (term time blocks)

LOCATION: Gold Hill Common

Fun and friendly, there’s never any judging in my bootcamps. No matter what stage you’re at, or what your fitness level is, we focus on confidence and getting you out and moving! I encourage all my clients to go at their own pace, and not to worry about anyone else. While slowly building up fitness and confidence, I’ll have you dropping the pounds in no time!

A fun place to be, there’s no “drill sergeant” present at my bootcamps, just me, you and the other like-minded individuals who want to get fit and have fun while doing it.

A selection of workouts designed to challenge you and build different muscle groups while giving you a good cardio workout, my bootcamps are the perfect place to feel free, confident and even make some friends in the process!

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Train in a private home gym away from any distractions!

60 min sessions

Block of 10 sessions available

Taking a fun and productive approach to one-on-one private training, I take you on a journey of self discovery, reaching your goals and targets by taking you out of your comfort zone and getting you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Private and personal, My private training sessions are the perfect opportunity to work free of distractions, without judgement and at your own pace. Being healthy, happy and more confident in yourself can seem like a pipe dream, but our private sessions will help to build your overall fitness while leaving you feeling refreshed and full of life.

I have a range of gym equipment and will work with you to create a personal fitness plan that’s perfect for what you want to achieve. From resistance training, cardio workouts and mat work, we can mix and match a range of exercises to help get you feeling fab

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