April 24, 2019by Katie0

Fight the Fads and Get Fit

It’s so easy to look for a quick fix when we want to make a change. Our busy lifestyles and “I want it now” attitudes mean more and more women are choosing fad diets to help them lose weight and gain the confidence they deserve.

However, fad diets really aren’t the best way forward, for so many reasons. A healthy, balanced lifestyle with exercise and a variety of food groups is always the better option.

But, why?

Okay, I understand that fad diets can work, and often quite quickly but there are many downsides to consider.

Why you shouldn’t follow a fad diet

1, The results are short lived

First of all, although some fad diets do work, they don’t last forever. When you diet, your metabolism changes to match your new food intake, so you’ll put back on all the weight you lost quite quickly once you stop.

2, They can be harmful

Many fad diets promote dangerously low calorie intake and the elimination of much-needed nutrients, which can impede your ability to function properly. Your body needs calories just to keep you alive, so denying yourself the calories and nutrients you need for too long can have a dramatic effect on your health

3, They lack nutrients

A lot of fad diets include cutting out entire food groups, which isn’t what your body needs. The human body needs an assortment of nutrients to be able to keep you fit and healthy, even salts and fats. The trick is moderation.

So, what should you do instead?

A balanced diet of fish, meat, vegetables, carbohydrates, fibre, protein and other nutrients combined with regular, moderate exercise can keep your heart, muscles and brain healthy. Eat a varied diet full of meat, fish, pasta and vegetables and don’t eat more once you feel full!

Oh, and enjoy a nice slice of cake, a brownie or a bar of chocolate now and again. Like I said, everything in moderation, and we deserve a treat every once in a while!

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